a great divide 

A Red State With Blue Cities 

dead heat.  It is all red except for a few blue counties that are completely controlled by the Democrats.  They control the ballots.  They still have votes to count.  Where do they find all the ballots that haven’t been counted?  Why are they still counting?  Ballot harvesting.  How can we be sure it is secure?  


a ballot reserve 

A Harvest Of Ballots 

A number of ballots available if required.  They still have votes to count.  They have the ballots.  They will be used if necessary.  The population centers are in control.  They can produce the ballots.  How many do you need?  This will be determined in the middle of the night.  While you sleep.  Wake up.  


a time to count 

A Bulk Of Harvested Ballots 

A delayed result.  A challenge.  They will need more time to count all the votes.  We have seen this movie.  We are looking at the future of all elections.  Way too many ballots to count.  Ballots that show up in the middle of the night.  Unsecured ballots that must be counted again and again.  


a mail in ballot 

A Wrong Address 

A common problem.   Ballots Sent To Wrong Address gets over 45 million hits but the real story is the Post Office in Nevada had to return 90,000 mail in ballots that were sent to the wrong address.  H.R.1 – For the People Act of 2021 may soon be the law of the land.  There will be a drop box near you and that gets 2 billion hits.  You won’t have to worry about the Post Office returning them.  You just have to worry about them being delivered to you.  


a date 

A Signature 

A face identification.  A controlled ballot.  A means to restrict voting.  Yes.  There are those who will cheat big time.  Big enough to change the outcome of a state.  They just need a city big enough and controlled by one party.  Enter Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, etc. where observers were not allowed to observe.  They were not allowed to testify about it.  


a dropbox 

A Missing Trailer 

A place to store ballots not properly controlled.  Dates and signatures are so yesterday.  You control one vote.  They control millions.  Your ballot is controlled.  Their ballots not so much.  Their problem is not knowing how many will be needed.  They would need a few more days after the election to find the necessary ballots.  Didn’t want to use them if they weren’t.  


a debunked claim 

A False Statement 

A claim of vote fraud that “just cannot happen”.  No need to investigate it because it “just cannot happen”.  Fox News’ Eric Shawn Pulls Apart Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims for 2nd Time in Four Days  “But citing election officials, Shawn said that claims completed ballots had been driven across state lines and had disappeared ‘just cannot happen.’ ”  Jesse thought it could happen.