a sea of glass 

A Fulfillment of Prophecy 

A victory over the beast.  Constantinople used Greek fire on the Sea of Marmara, like a sheet of glass, and the year was 666.  The problem with dates was noted by Gibbon.  His 46 years gets you 668 but put it in an Islamic calendar converter, a calculation, and you will get exactly 666.  An amazing fit with Revelation 15:2.  

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a calculation 

A Number 

A count in some bibles.  Another example where the translators can’t agree on the Word of God but they are in complete agreement with numbers.  Only numbers can be trusted to tie what has been prophesied to historical events that confirm the fulfillment of those prophecies.  You can count on them.  

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a translation 

A Bible 

A different interpretation.  Would you believe 60 different English interpretations?  They can’t agree on the Word of God.  Who or what can you trust?  Numbers?  Numbers in the bible somehow survived all the translations.  All the versions.  All the interpretations.  Numbers can help us connect history to the prophecies.  

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a historical event 

A Prophecy Fulfilled 

A number to verify a fit.  Your interpretation cannot be trusted.  Only history can verify the fulfillment of prophecy.  Only numbers along with history can verify your interpretation of prophecy.  Only prophets can predict the future.  If you need the future for your interpretation of prophecy, think again.  You are ignoring history and numbers.  

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a historical event 

A Fulfillment Of Prophecy 

a number for verification.  Interpretation of numbers is not necessary.  1000 is 1000.  666 is 666.  Ten is ten.  Seven is seven.  Use these numbers to connect prophecy with history.  Only history and numbers can confirm the fulfillment of prophecy.  Can you trust anyone’s interpretation?  You can’t.  

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numbers and history 

A  Link 

to interpreting what has been prophesied.  Recognizing the fulfillment of prophecy in history depends on numbers.  Your interpretation cannot be trusted.  Private interpretation has given us at least 59 different English translations of the bible.  One of the few things they all agree on is numbers.  You don’t have to interpret them.  

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A Purpose 

to reliably inform those who are being persecuted.  The good guys win in the end but in the mean time there will be suffering to overcometh.  Suffering is a necessary part of the test.  We are being tested.  Some bibles actually use the word ‘test‘.  Have you tested your bible?  

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pure speculation 

A Warning 

that you can’t believe what you find on the internet.  Duh?  So what can you believe?  A reasonable explanation when there is no alternative to a situation that demands an answer.  What is a reasonable explanation?  Something that is consistent with historical events.  

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