a rape in the bathroom 

A Transgender With A Dress In School 

A denial by the superintendent.  The father of the rape victim is now considered a domestic terrorist.  Thank you Garland.  We are so happy you are not on the court.  The transgender rapist was allowed in another school to rape again.  The superintendent has yet to resign but regrets what happened.  


a learning experience 

A School For Children 

A curriculum that can’t be controlled by parents.  The marxists are in control.  Racism and climate change are at the top of their agenda.  Not reading, writing, and arithmetic.  The good news is they know how to distribute the goods.  Just get in line.  The cost?  Your freedom.  To each according to their needs.  And that’s the truth.  


a freedom 

A Truth 

A necessary ingredient.  They go together.  Along with religion which resists change.  There are some things that don’t change.  Cannot change.  They protect the child.  Like Life.  Like Marriage.  Like Family.  Do not  let the village raise your child.  The First Amendment protects your freedom,  your religion, and your Truth.  But.  You have to fight for it.  


a rigidity

A Resistance to Change 

A tradition protected.  Standards work.  A proven way of doing things.  The Church built on a rock is not going to move.  The teachings of the Church are not being changed.  They are being ignored by those within the Church.  Life, Marriage, and Family must be protected.  The child must be protected.  Let them come.