a first principle 

A Cause and Effect 

A child instinctively asks why.  There must be a reason.  Look for it.  What does it say about you if you don’t?  Do you care?  You have a free will.  It is being tested. – the wicked shall prove wicked – Can you be trusted to get along?  Who wants you if you can’t get along?  


a peaceful night demonstration in the north 

A Crisis at the Border in the South 

A migrant leaves their country for a better life.  Our peaceful night demonstrators are not going to leave and will do what they can to make this a better place to live.  You can make this country great again by boycotting Coca Cola and MLB.  They are promoting the Biden lie.  


a peaceful protest 

A Record Insurance Claim 

a protest of the rioting.  Why don’t they protest where there isn’t so much rioting?  Why do they do it at night?  Do they have day jobs?  It would be easier to cover the protests during the day and we might get a better look at them.  Getting your message out is really hard especially when you have a day job. 


a vote 

A Choice 

a referendum.  Are you going to vote for Planned Parenthood or life, marriage, and family?  Are you going to vote for climate change or religious freedom? Are you going to vote for protests and rioting or law and order?  Are you going to vote for marxism or liberty?  The choice is yours.  It couldn’t be clearer.    


a protest 

A Vote for Freedom 

a voice allowed to speak.  Free speech.  Religious freedom. Fight for it.  Vote for it.  Vote for those protecting your liberties.  Chaos is created by marxists.  Police are all we have protecting us from it.  Civilization must have law and order.  It will guarantee your right to speak even if it is not politically correct.  


a choice 

A Freedom 

a voice of reason.  To be heard.  To be able to speak.  As long as no one is offended.  The victim has rights.  Can’t hurt his feelings.  Mustn’t judge his actions.  That’s religion.  That’s so yesterday.  We are all okay.  If you don’t agree they will come after you.  They know where you live.  They are getting paid to do this.  


a dialogue 

A Free Expression of Beliefs 

a brick thrown, glass broken, end of the discussion.  No more freedom.  The brick thrower belongs in jail.  He can’t be trusted.  He is interfering with your freedom.  Your freedom is protected as long as it doesn’t interfere with the freedom of others.  It’s not that complicated. 


a night protest 

A Peaceful Protest 

a dark protest.  Why do they do it at night?  It is the best time to throw bricks, spray paint, start fires, and loot buildings.  Why would the peaceful protesters want to be on the streets when all that is going on?  We should limit protesting to daylight hours so they don’t interfere with the rioting.