a fear merchant 

A Chicken Little 

A threat imagined with a little help from our friends.  Who needs enemies?  Russia, China, and radical Islam are being replaced by climate change, racism, and covid.  Protecting the lie is now more important than protecting the child.  Speaking the truth is now the biggest threat.  The lie can’t handle the truth.  Can you?  


a new curriculum 

A Marxist Agenda 

A conspiracy.  Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic are being replaced by Racism, Climate Change, and Transgenderism.  Parents are being replaced by the Village.  It was easy.  Just get rid of fathers and religion.  Marx knew the enemy.  The Church.  Fathers are missing and the Church is silent.  


a fear of the unknown 

A New Curriculum 

A hatred being carefully taught.  Our children cannot read or write but they are being taught to fear climate change and hate racism.  We have the truths but they are not being taught.  We have laws but they are not being enforced.  Cling to your bible and gun.  We have religion and freedom but they are slipping away.  


a social distance 

A Socialist 

A social injustice.  There ought to be a law.  There is but it is racist so it can be ignored in the name of social justice.  You have to be carefully taught.  Life, Marriage, and Family are racist concepts.  Like climate change, racism is what you should be worried about.  The media and our schools are promoting this.  


a school being opened 

A Critical Race Theory and Climate Change 

A new curriculum.  Schools are finally being opened but what are they teaching?  Fear.  The future is scary.  Our children are our future.  The problem?  Way too many kids and systemic racism.  The solution?  Fewer kids and a marxist system.  Can you say communism?  


a social injustice 

A Replacement for Religion 

A chance to show you care.  Climate change and equality are the issues today.  A chance to give back just by showing you are on the right side of the important issues.  Religion is so yesterday with archaic concepts like Life, Marriage and Family.  Start with the children.  Teach them to care.  


a masked man 

A Masking of the Truth 

A cover for the BIG LIE.  Racism.  Climate Change.  Black Lives Matter.  Brought to you by the FEAR peddlers.  Faith is the opposite of fear.  Faith in God.  Faith in religion that protects Life, Marriage, and Family.  That is what protects the child.  The fear peddlers hate everything.  Especially the Truth.  Fear only God.  


a jim crow voting law 

A Race Baiting Lie. 

A lie started by Biden and promoted by Coca Cola and Major League Baseball aka MLB.  You can vote today about this and you won’t need any voter identification.  Stop watching baseball and don’t drink Coke.  Here is the truth:  the new Georgia voting law requires voter identification.  Sorry about that Stacy.