a love of truth 

A Reason to Live 

A meaning for life.  A test of wills.  Don’t bury your talent.  Learn what you can.  Teach what you can.  You will need help.  Ask for it.  Seek the truth.  You will find it.  Knock and it will be open unto you.  The Truth will not only set you free, It will make you happy.  It will help you pass the final test.  We are being tested. You may not find that word in your bible.  

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a rape in the bathroom 

A Transgender With A Dress In School 

A denial by the superintendent.  The father of the rape victim is now considered a domestic terrorist.  Thank you Garland.  We are so happy you are not on the court.  The transgender rapist was allowed in another school to rape again.  The superintendent has yet to resign but regrets what happened.  


a teacher 

A Marxist Tool 

A child is our front line protecting our freedom.  It should be fathers, family, and faith protecting our freedom.  What happened to fathers?  Family?  Lack of faith.  The teachings of the Church on Life, Marriage, and Family are not being taught.  Francis is working with China which may improve our schools.  


a social distance 

A Socialist 

A social injustice.  There ought to be a law.  There is but it is racist so it can be ignored in the name of social justice.  You have to be carefully taught.  Life, Marriage, and Family are racist concepts.  Like climate change, racism is what you should be worried about.  The media and our schools are promoting this.  


a school being opened 

A Critical Race Theory and Climate Change 

A new curriculum.  Schools are finally being opened but what are they teaching?  Fear.  The future is scary.  Our children are our future.  The problem?  Way too many kids and systemic racism.  The solution?  Fewer kids and a marxist system.  Can you say communism?  


a marxist agenda 

A Contagious Virus 

A school that spreads it.  The teachers are already infected and have limited immunity.  They infect our children.  The real target is family and religion identified by Marx as the real threat to equality.  Religion had to be eliminated to bring about a communist society.  Why? Call it freedom.  The teachings of the Church protect freedom.   


a union for children 

A Protection 

A teacher and the police are protected by a union.  So are Amtrak and Post Office employees.  Who is protecting the children? We can no longer rely on the father or the family.  Unions are protected by the Democratic Party which should find a way to organize a children’s union.  A small portion of mandated allowances could support this.  


a design 

A Purpose 

A reason for existence.  Logic should tell you this.  If it doesn’t we have the Church that should let us know.  Should.  The purpose of the Church is to save the Truth and Teach it.  That should include resisting efforts to change it.  The laity should speak out if this is not being done.