a holy place

A Desolation 

A beast in the making.  What makes a beast a beast?  The Temple.  Don’t mess with the Temple.  What is in the holy place now?  The Dome of the Rock and it is preventing the third Temple.  It takes a real beast to do this.  The four beasts of Daniel all had something to do with the Temple.  Babylon, Greece, Rome, and Islam.  


a witness 

A Candlestick 

A church and a state represented by the olive tree. The Apocalypse and Zechariah are connected by “two olive trees”.  This leads to Zerubbabel, the state, and that leads to Joshua, the church, and together they built the second temple.  The Holy Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire are the two witnesses of the Apocalypse.  

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beasts and dynasties 

A Fit 

with historical events that need to be consistent with Daniel based on “ten horns”.  The beasts of the Apocalypse are connected to those of Daniel.  With so many candidates, how did Daniel come up with just four.  It just might have something to do with the temple.  Who messed with the temple?  

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