a candlestick 

A Church 

A star and a light for the world.  A Guide.  The seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches.  Those churches no longer exist.  Christianity no longer exists there.  Replaced with Islam.  The churches in Europe are also being replaced and Muslims are rapidly taking over.  

Home 30

to hell with the people 

A Smaller Church 

is necessary to protect the Truth.  Who can be saved without a place to go to find the Truth.  Mercy mercy mercy will save no one who hasn’t repented.  Who hasn’t admitted to being wrong.  You should have known but made no effort to find the Truth, the Way, and Life. 


an objective disorder 

A Term 

that suggests something is wrong and requires attention.  Someone questioning this is more likely to question other norms.  Once you lose your objectivity, most everything else becomes subjective.  Trustworthiness is lost.  A perceived injustice often justifies the violation of other norms.  The child and money are no longer safe.  Changing a term like objective disorder will not make them safe.    


the laity 

A Prophecy 

being fulfilled. Some are leaving the Church.  Others are fighting for the Church they love.  The bishops have been corrupted.  Leaders in the laity are exposing them.  Listen to and support these leaders.  Speak out.  This is no time to be silent.  Let your pastor know that you cannot, will not, support the bishops.  Stay with the Church and fight for it.  


climate change 

A Rabbit Hole 

Cardinal Cupich is willing to go down.  So is Francis.  The pope and our bishops are willing to work with those who support abortion and climate change provides the cover.  It proves you care for what is really important if not the unborn baby.  If you don’t care about climate change, you are probably a racist.  If you can ignore abortion, you might be able to ignore child abuse.  The bishops can.  



A Sign 

to show you the way.  The way has been prepared but there will be detours along the way.  Recalculate every time that happens.  It is what a good navigator does.  Just check with your shepherd.  He will guide you.   



A Greater Threat 

than Islam which can be defeated militarily like it has been in the past.  Marxism has infiltrated the Church in the form of modernism and can’t be defeated militarily.  Saul Alinsky, the modern day Marx, understood the Church would have to be infiltrated in order to bring about this utopian world.  This along with homosexuality, a marriage made in hell, is threatening the Church like never before.