a missing temple 

A Desolation 

A reason why the third temple has not been built.  The Dome of the Rock is preventing it.  Jesus mentions the holy place, Daniel, and the abomination of desolation.  This is a clue that must not be ignored.  What is more important than the temple?  Interfering with the temple makes the beast a beast worth mentioning.  


a beast 

A Temple 

A desolation.  Babylon destroyed the first temple.  Greece desecrated the second.  Rome destroyed the second.  Islam is preventing the third.  The four beasts of Daniel.  They all messed with the temple.  That is what determines a beast in the mind of Daniel.  John seems to agree.  Jesus mentioned it.  What is in the holy place now?  

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a beast is a beast 

A Temple 

A problem with the temples.  John knows Daniel and Daniel knows temples and beasts.  The four beasts of Daniel have one thing in common.  The temple.  Babylon destroyed the first.  Greece desecrated the second.  Rome destroyed it and Islam is preventing the third.  

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A Connection 

to the Apocalypse with the “ten horns” of the beast but to identify this beast, it must fit with the other parts of both Daniel and the Apocalypse.  Start with the Dome of the Rock which can be considered the abomination of desolation in that it is preventing the third Temple.  It was built by the King of the North, Muawiyah, who can easily be connected with the King of the South, Mohammed, and his daughter, Fatimah. – Daniel 11:6  – 

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