a father in the home 

A New School Curriculum 

A new study shows that the child is better off with a father in the home.  This will now be taught in schools when they open in the fall.  It will replace climate change and critical race theory.  Parents are told not to fear what kids are being taught.  That includes transgenderism.  Just kidding.  


a message of hope 

A Morning Memo 

A common theme.  Help Is on the Way.   A transfer of wealth, 1.9 trillion, from some to others.  Empathy at last.  Someone cares.  There there.  Not so much when it comes to religious freedom.  If you have issues with transgenderism, better keep it to yourself.  H.R.5 – Equality Act may soon become the law of  the land.  Will the bishops speak out about this?  Like they do about abortion?  It will take courage. Some have it.  Others not so much.  


a vote for freedom 

A Catholic Vote 

a restriction on speech and beliefs.  Hate speech?  Your religious beliefs regarding LGBT issues can be considered hate speech.  A court decides what kind of cakes a baker makes.  Parents lose control of their children’s gender. Regardless of your beliefs you can be forced to participate in and/or pay for abortion.  

Home 20

a game changer 

A is for Amy 

a focus for the election.  The courts have been used by the Democrats to make changes that couldn’t be legislated.  Abortion.  Same sex marriage.  LGBT.  Today their so called affordable health care, which includes contraception, abortion, and genderism, is being threatened by the very same courts.  Free speech and religious liberty are on the line.  Freedom itself is at stake.  


a silence 

A Forced Silence 

a restriction on speech.  Transgender rights in Canada not only prohibits certain kinds of speech, it actually forces certain kinds of speech.  Your children can now choose their gender and any treatment concerning it without your approval.  LGBT rights continue to expand.  Check with your lawyer before you say anything or refuse to say certain things.  


a black life 

A Trained Marxist 

a founder of ‘Black Lives Matter’ and promoter of the LGBTQ cause.  This is not about racism.  It is about transgenderism.  A direct attack on the nuclear family.  Our belief in life, marriage, and family makes them uncomfortable.  We have to give up our religion, our beliefs, and our free speech just to make them comfortable.  


a nuclear family 

A Religious Teaching 

a threat to marxism.  No father in the home is not a problem for the marxists who started Black Lives Matter.  Religion is.  Life, marriage, and family are not on their agenda.  LGBTQ is.  Transgenderism in schools is now real.  Parents beware.