a sea 

A Color 

A location for the four horsemen.  The Red Sea and the Black Sea are obvious.  The White Sea not so much unless you consider the Mediterranean Sea aka the white sea by the Turks.  Like numbers, colors are not subject to interpretation and translation errors.  You can trust them.  Your interpretation not so much.  

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a calculation 

A Number 

A count in some bibles.  Another example where the translators can’t agree on the Word of God but they are in complete agreement with numbers.  Only numbers can be trusted to tie what has been prophesied to historical events that confirm the fulfillment of those prophecies.  You can count on them.  

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a translation 

A Bible 

A different interpretation.  Would you believe 60 different English interpretations?  They can’t agree on the Word of God.  Who or what can you trust?  Numbers?  Numbers in the bible somehow survived all the translations.  All the versions.  All the interpretations.  Numbers can help us connect history to the prophecies.  

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a historical event 

A Prophecy Fulfilled 

A number to verify a fit.  Your interpretation cannot be trusted.  Only history can verify the fulfillment of prophecy.  Only numbers along with history can verify your interpretation of prophecy.  Only prophets can predict the future.  If you need the future for your interpretation of prophecy, think again.  You are ignoring history and numbers.  

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a prophecy 

A Fulfillment 

A historical event.  Only history can confirm the fulfillment of a prophecy.  Based on your interpretation.  Can it be trusted?  Can your bible translation be trusted?   Can 60 different English translations of the bible be trusted?  They don’t agree on the “word of God”.  Do they agree on anything?  Maybe numbers. 

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a puzzle 

A Picture With Many Pieces 

A connection of shapes and colors.  The pieces have to fit not based on your interpretation but on something objective like numbers and colors even though many are symbolizing them.  It can mean anything you want it to mean unless you limit yourself.  Translators have taken a lot of liberties with the Word of God but somehow they all agree on numbers and colors.  Use them and history to paint a picture you can trust.  


a trick or treat 

A Progressive Bill For Climate Change 

A payment due now.  You have to trust them.  They know fear.  They know what needs to be done now.  Only they know the consequences if the bill isn’t passed.  There are no second chances.  They have to meet this deadline or the next one for sure.  Why would they lie about something like this?   


a truth crisis 

A Church That Must Prevail 

A contamination by the State.  Money.  The bishops get way too much money from the State.  Racism and climate change promoted by the marxists to divide the country are now being mentioned by our bishops when they should be talking about Life, Marriage, and Family.  Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.  Only the laity can keep them honest.  


a fake news icon 

A Bad News Biden 

A truth that is hard to ignore.  You can ignore the news but you can’t ignore groceries or the gas pump.  It is real.  Someone is going to pay.  You.  Even though the cost is zero.  The solution is to spend more money.  Your money.  Pass the bill.  Whatever you need is in that bill.  You have to trust them.  Bad News Biden.  


a trust

A Bible You Can Believe 

A choice of over 60 English translations.  Not counting all the revisions.  The Word of God keeps changing.  Good thing His Church is built on a rock.  She won’t change.  Right?  So who or what can you trust?  Numbers and colors.  Somehow all the translators got them right.  Why not use them to connect history to prophecy?