a social justice 

A New Religion 

A new look for an old Church.  The bishops are leading the way.  The CCHD is helping poor people to organize.  Not to create jobs but to obtain their fair share of what is being produced.  The marxists have a great distribution system.  Get in line.  You will get what you need but only after you give up what you have.  Freedom and Truth.  


a fear of covid 

A Chance To Increase Control 

A truth lost.  It is not just freedom lost.  Truth is the real victim.  Only you can save the Truth by standing up and speaking every chance you get.  You might be accused of being a domestic terrorist.  Thank you Garland.  Thank you McConnell for keeping him off the supreme court and putting Amy Coney Barrett on.  


a learning experience 

A School For Children 

A curriculum that can’t be controlled by parents.  The marxists are in control.  Racism and climate change are at the top of their agenda.  Not reading, writing, and arithmetic.  The good news is they know how to distribute the goods.  Just get in line.  The cost?  Your freedom.  To each according to their needs.  And that’s the truth.  


a truth crisis 

A Church That Must Prevail 

A contamination by the State.  Money.  The bishops get way too much money from the State.  Racism and climate change promoted by the marxists to divide the country are now being mentioned by our bishops when they should be talking about Life, Marriage, and Family.  Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.  Only the laity can keep them honest.  


a fake news icon 

A Bad News Biden 

A truth that is hard to ignore.  You can ignore the news but you can’t ignore groceries or the gas pump.  It is real.  Someone is going to pay.  You.  Even though the cost is zero.  The solution is to spend more money.  Your money.  Pass the bill.  Whatever you need is in that bill.  You have to trust them.  Bad News Biden.  


a freedom 

A Truth 

A necessary ingredient.  They go together.  Along with religion which resists change.  There are some things that don’t change.  Cannot change.  They protect the child.  Like Life.  Like Marriage.  Like Family.  Do not  let the village raise your child.  The First Amendment protects your freedom,  your religion, and your Truth.  But.  You have to fight for it.  


a thankyou 

A Show of Appreciation 

A view.  A like.  A comment.  Make my day.  A worldpress.  We are reaching people all around the world with our message.  Finding out what we have in common.  Searching for the truth.  Truth will prevail.  It is easily recognized and easy to defend.  It makes sense.  It makes you happy.  Keep looking for it.  


a mob 

A Bully 

A threat to freedom of speech?  Maybe.  A threat to truth for sure.  They are going after the truth.  They are threatened by it.  They can’t handle it.  The truth doesn’t shy away from debate.  They do. They want to protect you from it.  Let’s talk about it.  It will set you free.  It will make you happy.  Try it.