a love of truth 

A Reason to Live 

A meaning for life.  A test of wills.  Don’t bury your talent.  Learn what you can.  Teach what you can.  You will need help.  Ask for it.  Seek the truth.  You will find it.  Knock and it will be open unto you.  The Truth will not only set you free, It will make you happy.  It will help you pass the final test.  We are being tested. You may not find that word in your bible.   

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a holy leisure 

A Search for Truth 

A  “love of truth seeks a holy leisure“, a Thomas quote of Augustine.  Few have the time to devote to pure research and those who do need to share what they have learned.  The internet makes this possible.  Knowledge shall be increased.  Search engines allow others to find what has been discovered.   

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a common agenda 

A Control Of Subjective Truth 

A censorship.  They care.  That is what unites them.  Most are living the good life but are experiencing some sort of guilt for those who are not.  Traditional religion is chasing them by ignoring old standards whereas progressivism is leading them, challenging them, with concerns about social injustice and climate change.  Don’t you care?  


a lie protected 

A Censorship Of The Truth 

A lie needs help.  It can’t handle the truth.  It must be repeated.  The morning memo tells you what to say.  The words to use.  It is well organized.  It is a beast.  Not a person.  Daniel knows beasts and John knows Daniel.  The “ten horns” connects them.  Just one piece of the puzzle but an important one.  


a clear voice 

A Real Solution 

A new battery for electric vehicles?  Not according to Musk.  Free speech and more children are critical for our future.  It takes courage to say this even if you have billions of dollars.  It also takes wisdom.  Either way few have both the Truth and the platform to lead the way.  God bless Elon Musk.  


a walk back

A Cleanup On Aisle Three 

A confusion in the making.  Where is the truth?  “To whom shall we go?”  Thank you Peter for asking.  Also thanks to all the translators who got it right or at least agreed as to what was said.  Someone has to make the call.  Someone has to be in charge.  Especially if you prefer to have some kind of order.  Chaos can get ugly.  


a candle under a bushel 

A Light Shines In The Darkness 

A truth hated by the liar.  Those who talk about climate change and racism are liars.  They also promote abortion.  That alone should give you pause.  Light a candle even though someone will try to extinguish it.  Social justice, a false virtue, is replacing the religion they couldn’t destroy.  


a submission 

A Common Feature With Islam And Communism 

A war against freedom.  Religious faith is replaced with fear of social injustice.  Climate change and racism is the real enemy.  Who can deny that without risking the wrath of those who lie without consequence?  Truth, reason, and logic are all casualties.  Be not afraid.  The truth will set you free.  


a war on freedom 

A Fuel To Fund It 

A lie to hide it.  The truth is we are buying oil from Russia.  A generation of vipers will not escape the wrath to come.  We are supporting the war on Ukraine.  Your ignorance will not protect you.  You will be held responsible.  Watch what they do.  What you do is being watched and recorded.