a new election law 

A Jim Crow Law 

A racist agenda.  In spite of overwhelming evidence of vote fraud this new law requiring voter identification is being labeled as the return of Jim Crow.  Biden and the DOJ are looking at it.  They are still looking for Jesse’s trailer 10R1440.  They found his family.  


a new world order 

A Fair Election 

A mail in ballot for everyone.  The USPS will need more trailers like 10R1440 when H.R. 1 becomes the law of the land.  This should eliminate all the different voting restrictions that states now have.  All the court challenges that the 2020 election produced will be a thing of the past.  


a mail in ballot 

A Wrong Address 

A common problem.   Ballots Sent To Wrong Address gets over 45 million hits but the real story is the Post Office in Nevada had to return 90,000 mail in ballots that were sent to the wrong address.  H.R.1 – For the People Act of 2021 may soon be the law of the land.  There will be a drop box near you and that gets 2 billion hits.  You won’t have to worry about the Post Office returning them.  You just have to worry about them being delivered to you.  


a closed school 

A Border Opened 

A consequence of ballot harvesting.  Voting is now so easy.  Dates, signatures, and identification restricted your right to vote.  Now all you have to do is ignore how it is done.  H.R. 1 passed the house without any help from the Republicans.  Ballot harvesting will become the law of the land.  You won’t have to do anything.  They will do it for you.  How easy is that?