a trial 

A Distraction 

A stolen election is being ignored.  They would rather talk about impeachment and not about the problems with the last election.  Don’t waste your time looking for John Roberts.  We need to keep our focus on the problems with mail in ballots and bad voting machines.  Don’t forget Jesse’s trailer 10R1440.  


a missing problem 

A Necessary Ingredient 

A number of ingredients are missing.  It’s not just a trailer 10R1440.  Not just a judge at the impeachment trial.  Not just unity.  Fathers are missing.  Families are missing.  Marriage, Life, Liberty, Religion, and God.  All missing.  


a weird conspiracy 

A Post Office Trailer 10R1440 

A missing trailer investigation without leaks.  Both the trailer and the investigation are missing.  So are the leaks.  The leaks about investigating Jesse, the truck driver, and his family are not missing.  The FBI wants to know how he got on TV and if he is being paid by the Republicans.  His family history is being leaked.  A gofundme has been started.  


a debunked claim 

A False Statement 

A claim of vote fraud that “just cannot happen”.  No need to investigate it because it “just cannot happen”.  Fox News’ Eric Shawn Pulls Apart Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims for 2nd Time in Four Days  “But citing election officials, Shawn said that claims completed ballots had been driven across state lines and had disappeared ‘just cannot happen.’ ”  Jesse thought it could happen.