a look back 

A Church History 

A problem with the churches.  Eusebius mentions six of the seven churches of the Apocalypse but never associates them with the Apocalypse.  He doesn’t mention Antipas.  All this would be consistent with an earlier version of the Apocalypse written by John the Baptist.  Victorinus has a similar problem.  

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a speculation 

A Conjecture 

A reasonable explanation to address what is not settled.  Who wrote it?  When was it written? Why was the Apocalypse written?  The Apocalypse has “a decidedly Jewish complexion” and it was suggested that John the Baptist was the first writer.  Others have suggested multiple writers.  

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a question 

A Time 

A writer.  It was written by John on Patmos.  Don’t know when or which John.  Are there three of them?  Why does John introduce himself three or four times?  These questions have not been answered so we are forced to speculate based on what was written by those who read what no longer exists.  What were they looking at?  

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a whaaat?

A Third John 

A key piece of the puzzle.  Only John Chrysostom could say, “five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come”.  He was talking about the seven dynasties of the Roman Empire.  Only an astronomer could say John Chrysostom, who was in Ephesus at the beginning of the fifth century, wrote the Apocalypse.  Only R. H. Charles would include something like this in his book”Studies in the Apocalypse”.  Really.  


a speculation

A Reasonable Explanation 

A need to understand.  A hypothesis is a proposed explanation for something that doesn’t make sense.  It must be tested.  Is it consistent with what we do know for sure?  How do you explain John introducing himself three times?  There are three different writers named John who had something to do with the Apocalypse.  


a conjecture

A Purely Jewish Composition

A revelation that there may have been more than one version of the Apocalypse by more than one writer.  A reasonable speculation that may address all the questions concerning when, who, and why.  What actually happened is unsettled and warrants continued consideration into what may have happened.  If you have an ear.